Who's Blanc Jeff

Born June 23rd in Gros Marin, 3rd communal section of Cavaillon (Sud), Jeff did some of his classical studies at the Collège Notre Dame de la Nativité in Gros Marin to complete the Collège Chrétien de Delmas.
He has always dreamed of becoming one of the great Haitian computer scientists who contribute to the socio-economic development of the country and to the training of the population.
Jeff studied computer science at CAINFO and used the Internet as a self-taught method to furnish his mind. Through tutorials available on the net, he excels in several areas including Webmastering and becomes one of the most requested Wesmaster on the market.

The story of Blanc Jeff

In 2006
, following several seminars on the operation of radio stations, he joined the Nouvelle Generation (RNG)  team 94.1 FM, led by senior journalist Moloskot at the time. He was the youngest on the team and hosted a summer show called "Summer Jam" which was very successful.
In 2009, he joined the young Radio Scoop FM of Garry Pierre Paul Charles. It was a rather unpleasant experience for him. In 2010, he returned to Radio Nouvelle Génération as technical manager and hosted the show "RNG MEGA SHOW" with K-Mike.
In 2012, after closing Radio Nouvelle  Generation, he launched a webradio on the name of "STEREO 9 RADIO" to spend some time with his friends on social networks. In April, he was contacted by Patrick Moussignac himself who proposed to join the RTVC as a computer scientist. A proposal he has accepted without hesitation since he has always dreamed of working for this great medium.
In 2013, he was appointed responsible for the implementation of Chaine 22, his task was to coordinate the programming of the station. From there being, he learned a lot about the visual.
In 2015, he became the head of the national coverage for Radio Télévision Caraïbe with the engineer Montreil, a heavy responsibility that requires a lot of aptitude and maturity.
In January 2016, he designed and launched the mobile application of this medium on the name of "RTVC HAITI" on all platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Mobile), which already exceeds the 100,000 downloads. This is a great success for a local application.


Jeff is available on all social networks on the pseudo of @blancjeff or directly on his personal website